$10,000 or more
Cayuga Lake National Bank
Lifespan Therapies (Dana Mandel)

$5,000 – $9,999
Andrew and Julia Cisternino
Stephen and Linda Pope
The Jewish Community Foundation of CNY
Tompkins Trust Company

$2,500 – $4,999
Cayuga Community Fund (via Harriet Tubman Center for Justice & Peace)
Exhibits and More
Richard and Cathy Burns

$1,000 – $2,499
Fred L. Emerson Foundation
Patron of the Arts
Robert and Irma Mandel
Rabbi Scott Glass Temple Beth-El
Southern Cayuga PTO

$500 – $999
Nathaniel and Marion Blumenthal-Lazan
Harry and Doraline Kesten
Neil Rejman, Sunnyside Farms, Inc.
Michael and Elisa Van Amburgh and Family
Mary Kay Worth

$100 – $499
Maria Bachich
Peter & Theresa Barbato
Keith Batman and Barbara Post
Ronald and Gertrude Buxenbaum
William J. Cook
Rebecca Abeles Couillard
Jerrold and Elizabeth Davis
John and Shirley Dunkle
Howard and Ann Erlich
Dan and Marnie Fessenden
Charles Grunder
Gale Halpern (In honor of Fred and Ilse Voss’ 70th Wedding Anniversary)
Stephen Heller and Evelyn Kalish
Ursula Herzog-Russ
Carin Kopp
Rosemary Lacey (In honor of Ralph M. Talcott)
Jeffrey Layton and Anne Dalton
Bruce and Claudia Lewenstein (In honor of Fred and Ilse Voss)
Christian P. Lewis Memorial Golf Fund
John and Marilyn Mann
Terry and Randy Marcus
Randy Novick
Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting
Lenny Rosenfield and Marjorie Hoffman
Gideon and Yael Saar
Dale and Pat Sellen (In honor of Lillian Hunt and Carissa Mosher)
Kathleen and Ernest Sheils
William and Karen Speck (In honor of Joseph Speck)
Sloan Sheridan-Thomas
David Evelyn and Jennifer Weinraub
W. Zimpfer Collections (In honor of Carissa Mosher)

$1 – $99
James Adsitt
Eric Alani and Esther Racoosin (In honor of Dana and Linda Mandel)
Alan Angell and Beth Dolinger
David and Nancy Baildon
Bruce and Jeanne Beesley (In honor of Renata Rewald)
Patricia Bianconi
Matthew and Nancy Braun
Ted Bronsnick & Catherine Currier
Larry Buffman
Virginia Conner
Marlaine and Richard Darfler (In honor of Dana and Linda Mandel)
Richard and Susan Dean (In honor of Kendal and Kali Dean)
Betsy Donald
Scott Doolittle and Kelly Purdy (In honor of all those who struggle from prejudice and oppression)
Paul Farhi and Vivian Young
Robert and Beatrice Franklin
Mark and Rhonda Gaasche (In honor of Tuxedo Gaasche)
Sharon Glass
Thomas and Karen Gilovich
Richard Glick
Gloss Family
Gwen, Inc.
Bill and Cindy Krause
Iva Lesky
Martha Linke (In honor of Laura Linke and in memory of Simpson and Esther Linke)
Roy Luft and Nancy Emerson (In honor of Dana and Linda Mandel)
Ellen Marshall
Jonathan and Ivy Mauser
John Mecenas & Dvorah Milner (In honor of Willima Milner)
Elaine Meyers
William and Cathy Mullarney
Howard and Stephanie Nelson
Alan Ominsky and Elizabeth Knight
Trish Ottley
Charles and Karen Pearson
Earl Peters
Rhoda Possen
Horst and Jo Ellen Preylowski
Frederick and Gladys Purdy
Mary Salton
Rachel Siegel
Lisa Signor
Andrew and Elizabeth Simkin
Linda Simkin
Joan Spielholz
Ann Tobey
Daniel Utter
Marjorie Utter (In honor of Ralph Utter)
Patricia White (In memory of Cindy Sharshon)
Constance Wilbur
Barbara Woods
Elise Gold Pesco
Peter Rothbart
Sally & Dillwyn Otis (In memory of Betty Donovan)
Jonathan & Erica Kolbrener


Dorothy M Ainsworth and Steven Eicker
Maria F. Bachich
Fayette and Judith Bower
Cathy and Dick Burns
Andrew Cisternino
Tim and Rhonda Fessenden
Mike Heary, DJW Delta CMC, Inc.
Malvina Cook-Hunt
Lifespan Physical Therapy
Jeri L. Vargo
Sunnyside Farms
Dale & Pat Sellen
Phillip Donovan and Sally Klingel
Debbie Patick
Jeanne Beesley
Dawn Novick
Keith Batman
Kathleen Sheils
Lori Kupiec and Cayuga Lake National Bank
Linda & Ray Brisson