Anne Frank’s Life

Anne Frank and her family had to stay in an attic from July 6,1942 until August 4, 1944, when  the Nazi soldiers found them where they were hiding. Then they brought Anne Frank to one of the German concentration camps. They also had to follow a special schedule in the Secret Annex which is where they were hiding for 2 years. There was a bathroom in the Secret Annex but if they did use the bathroom they could not flush the toilet during factory hours.

From 1940-1944 the Holocaust took place in Holland. The Jews were required to wear yellow stars to determine that they were Jews. They had to turn in their bicycles and they were not allowed to ride bicycles, ride in cars, not even their own, and they were not allowed to have their own companies. They were not allowed to use athletic fields, and they only could go to Jewish schools. They went into hiding in the Secret Annex on June 12th, 1942.

We talk about Anne Frank because our lives are so much easier, because she could barely sleep without being scared, Anne barely had anything to eat, Anne had no people to talk to because Anne had to be quiet. They were crowded in an attic, they also had to share rooms. The only food they ate was what they got and they didn’t complain. They were just happy to have food. They lived with another Jewish family and a single man, they got supplies and food from Christian friends.

Anne Frank was captured because she was Jewish. They had to start wearing the yellow star of David on their clothing. Hitler’s group used the symbol to identify that they were Jew’s and so they could be targeted. Jewish people got their rights taken away from them on September 15th, 1935, when they issued the Nuremberg laws. They also created 44,000 incarceration sites which included detention centers, forced – labor camps, and killing centers. They functioned independent of any judicial review, and torture, starvation, and mass murder were frequent. The life that Anne Frank lived during the Holocaust was hard, scary, anxious, worried, fearful, and crazy for only a 13-year-old to be living in that time. 

We are very lucky to have the sapling of the old Anne Frank horse chestnut tree that inspired her every day, when Anne was in the Secret Annex hiding from the German’s. Another importance is that 6 million people died in the Nazi period. Not many people survived in the concentration camps, because they were starved to death, given poor clothing, and got sick from not being warm in the winter’s, and not in sanitary conditions.

The facts we learned about the Holocaust are what it was like at that time and how the people lived. This article was to bring you facts about Anne Frank and how she lived at that time in 1942-1944, in Holland, Germany during World War 2. In school we have done projects to learn about the Holocaust for example we read Number The Stars, did a packet all about the Holocaust, and learned about the importance of the Anne Frank’s horse chestnut tree. By : Dylan and Victor