Student Article by Cody, Caylee and Evan

This is our last 6th grade project about Anne Frank and the Holocaust. When we read Number the Stars, we learned about the Holocaust.  We learned that Jews had no rights and were being killed and taken away. This caused Danish people to help hide and take care of the Jews. The story, Number the Stars may be fictional, but it is very similar to the real life story of what happened to Anne Frank during the real Holocaust. She stayed with her family and other strange people in the Secret Annex for two whole years. The Nazi Party eventually found the Franks, and Vann Daans and sent them to concentration camps. In the camps everyone but Otto Frank died.

Anne Frank and her family were together in the Secret Annex 24/7 from July 6, 1942 until August 4, 1944 when they were found and captured by the Nazi Party. When they were in hiding, they were around each other all the time and had to be silent from eight in the morning until the store closed. This meant that they couldn’t talk, use the bathroom, or do anything that made noise. 

When they walked during the day, they had to wear socks or they would make a noise that someone might hear. In her diary Anne wrote, “As if I don’t hear ‘shh, shh’ enough during the day because I’m always making ‘too much’ noise, my dear roommate has come up with the idea of saying ‘shh, shh’ to me all night to. According to him I shouldn’t even turn over.” 

When the Nazi Party came to Holland in 1942, they started taking Jews to concentration camps. The Franks went into hiding. When the families were in hiding someone broke into the warehouse. This caused Mr. Van Daan to become nervous that they would be discovered so he made new, very strict rules to keep them safe. “For the last ten days Dussel hasn’t been on speaking terms with Mr. Van Daan, and all because of the new security measures since the break in. One of these was that he’s no longer allowed to go downstairs in the evening. Peter and Mr. Van Daan made the last rounds every night at nine-thirty, and after that no one may go downstairs. We can’t flush the toilet anymore after eight at night or after eight in the morning.”

While Anne Frank was in hiding, she was not allowed to go outside so her only sight of the outside world was a window in the attic that was next to a Chestnut tree. This tree was her only sense of freedom and happiness. When she felt down, she stared at it and wrote in her diary, it was the only way for her to get her mind off of the war.

Anne Frank’s diary today is written in more than 70 languages. It has detailed information from the Holocaust. Because Anne’s diary has this information it was sent to Mrs. Roosevelt, the president’s wife at the time and she personally wrote the introduction. This is why the tree and Anne’s diary are so important today. It is a great honor to be lucky enough to have a sapling from the real Anne Frank tree here at our school.  By Cody, Caylee and Evan